During the COVID-19 pandemic, most airlines ask passengers for a so-called Fit-to-fly certificate which medically confirms that the passenger is "fit" for the trip and that all steps have been taken:
PCR examination from a respiratory sample
Epidemiological questionnaire
Based on all the information obtained, the doctor issues a certificate and summarizes in a legible language all the information that is important to the epidemiological services of the country to which the traveler comes.

Why a certificate, isn't one PCR laboratory finding enough?
There is no uniform way of writing microbiological molecular findings in the Republic of Croatia. Most Croatian institutes and hospitals have encountered this type of diagnostics for the first time, so professional "illiteracy" in this segment is still very pronounced. For a layman (a person who is not a medical profession), it is difficult to read from these findings all the necessary information, which on the other hand is required in the regulatory processes of the countries in which travelers enter:
Was it a PCR test?
  • Does the test prove only one or more target sequences in the virus genome?
  • Is the test medically validated?
  • Is the institution certified or accredited to perform this type of diagnostics?
  • Has an epidemiological survey been conducted prior to the study and are there any observations in it?

fit to fly registracija

Informative registration of the certificate

  • • means that the airline associations have officially received our certificate and declared that it contains all the information necessary for the entry of passengers into the country.

Who certifies the certificate?
The certificate is issued by a clinical microbiologist and an infectious disease epidemiologist.

What is the price of the certificate and what is needed to obtain it?
  • The price of the certificate is 300 HRK (40 EUR)
  • For the certificate you need to have:
    • PCR test result for SARS-CoV-2 virus - not older than 48h
    • A copy of the passport and visa (if required) if required for the country of destination
    • A copy of the plane ticket
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